M.S. Sheela @ HN Kalakshetra, Bangalore

M.S.Sheela gave a carnatic vocal concert at Dr. HN Kalakshetra, National College, 7th Block, Jayanagar, Bangalore yesterday. In contrast to her previous concert on Sunday at the Bangalore Gayana Samaja, the auditorium here was sparsely populated, may be because it was a working day and/or because not many people might have known about the concert. Highlight of the concert was the brilliant violin accompaniment by Charulata Ramanujam.

‘Song list’ is as follows:

Vocal: M.S.Sheela
Violin: Charulata Ramanujam
Mridangam: H.S.Sudheendra
Ghatam: Sukanya Ramagopal

1. chalamEla (varnam) – darbAr – Adi – tiruvOtriyUr tyAgaiyyar
2. vallabha nAyakasya – bEgadA – rUpakam – muthuswAmi dIkshitar
3. nIkeppudu – AbhOgi – Adi – mysore sadAsiva rAo
4. intakantE – kannada – Adi – pattanam subramaniya iyer
5. a) endigAga (viruttam) – pUrvikalyAni
b) EnavEdalO – pUrvikalyAni – kanda chApu – purandaradAsa
6. evarani – dEvAmrutavarshini – Adi – thyAgarAja
7. srI raghuvara – kAmbOji – Adi – thyAgarAja
8. srihari kAyO – bAgeswari – Adi – purandaradAsa (?)
9. thA tha thadimi – brindAvani – Adi – purandaradAsa
10. harE venkata – sindhubhairavi – Adi – rAma vittala (?)
11. bavamAna (mangalam) – sowrAshtram – Adi – thyAgarAja

Check out the link http://www.indianarc.com/index.html for a bizarre sport. This link was sent to me yesterday by my friend S.

2 thoughts on “M.S. Sheela @ HN Kalakshetra, Bangalore

  1. Hi Ram..
    I dunno if u remember me…I ‘ve movd from Chenai to BLR last week!

    So where did u join after ISB….sorry I didn’t follow ur post ISB period…R u in BLR? I’d love to catch up on some carnatic concerts…Lemme know if u have details!

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