Parenting with Depth

Shraddha Patel and I run Parenting with Depth. We enable you to operate from who you are deep within. We share short and simple but effective practices. These do not require any separate time. You can do them along with your daily life activities. Using these you are able to develop the different parts of your being. You are able to be present in the moment. All this enables you to solve the challenges your face in your parenting journey. It helps you create a joint evolutionary journey with your children.

Some of our programs are listed below:

Gender Neutral Parenting

Free session on parenting beyond the pinks and the blues.

Daily Practice

Free session. 30 min of practice every day at 7AM IST. We share different practices every day. Join us online at

Integral Education

Free session. Learn how to facilitate learning, engagement, character building, happiness and holistic development in children.

Discover your child’s core

This workshop helps you discover who your child is at his/her core. This helps you facilitate your child’s evolution and life journey. It enables you to co-create a meaningful parent-child connection.

Inner Practices

Inner practices for parenting. From the book “The Flame Within” by Arul Dev.

Parenting Wisdom Series

A free series where we share parenting wisdom from the life and works of people who have been there, done that.

Meditation for parents

Free meditation session. Every Sunday. 2PM IST. Learn 3 simple practices on different aspects of parenting every week.