Be childlike

Words, especially nouns, help us identify, communicate to and understand each other. But they have this tendency to trap us at the mind level. We then fail to connect to the essence of anything, in the moment. We pass by objects and people around us thinking we already know them. We go through conversations focusing on the words spoken. We are unable to get the essence of what the other person is saying. This causes a lot of misery.

Small children show us the way. They are present. Aware. They are so curious to understand something, even if they know it by name. Even if they have seen or heard about it many times.

Let’s be aware. Fully present. And use our amazing minds consciously.

Let’s be childlike!

In pursuit of happiness

Who doesn’t love happiness?

To be happy we usually use our body, mind, emotions, senses and energy to do the following:

1) Search for happiness in a world of forms. And get the objects, relationships or activities that give us happiness.

2) Resist or avoid anything (any form) that comes in the way of happiness.

We experience happiness, but it doesn’t last. Sooner or later the form that gave us happiness reduces or disappears. And our pursuit for such forms continues.

Is it possible to break out of this cycle and experience lasting happiness?


Experience the essence. Of who you are. The source from which your mind, emotions, senses etc. have arisen. Connect to your core. You will experience happiness every moment.

How do you find out what is your core? How do you connect to it? Stay tuned.

Photo by Hudson Hintze on Unsplash

Gender neutral parenting

Gender is a social construct. When we attempt to assign strengths and weakness to either gender we literally cut out our potential as human race to half.

This Independence Day, free yourself from gender based constructs and explore “Gender neutral parenting”.

Learn to be that parent who contributes to allow the human potential to bloom.

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Win with Clarity

At Business Clinique, we organize a free webinar every month. This month’s webinar is on “Win with Clarity” by Dr. T.T. Srinath. You can register for the same at .

So what’s this webinar about?

Each of us have had many successes in our life. Have we examined what strengths helped us succeed? Doing this may give insights into “how” we succeeded besides the “what” or “why”.
“Win with Clarity” helps you become aware of these building blocks for you to continue to succeed going forward. You can then practice repeating this “how” with awareness and mindfulness.

Dr. Srinath is a well known personal growth trainer, coach and author. He has worked with more than 120 CXOs and senior management professionals. He has helped them gain clarity over the choices they have and use it to fulfill their ambitions.

The “Win with Clarity” sessions that Dr. Srinath does are completely experiential. They help you:

  • assess your current thinking
  • examine your assumptions
  • discover what may be limiting you
  • seek clarity on the outcome you desire
  • recognize the NEED in you, to be met
  • recognize the manner in which you can pursue the need

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Are you in the zone?

What is being in the zone?

Have you ever had moments in your life where doing something gave you a lot of calm joy? Where the sense of space and time seemed to disappear? And you seemed to be your most authentic self?

Welcome to being in the zone!

Is it possible for me to access this state very often?

To answer this, we must understand what makes us be in the zone in the first place.

“We are made up of different parts which have to be unified around the psychic being, if we are conscious of it, or at least around the central aspiration. If this unification is not done, we carry this division within us. To do this, each thought, each feeling, each sensation, each impulse, each reaction, as it manifests, must be presented in the consciousness to the central being or its aspiration. What is in accord is accepted; what is not in accord is refused, rejected or transformed. It is a long endeavor and may take years – but once it is done, the unification is achieved and the path becomes easy and swift.” – The Mother

Within us, there seem to be many forces seemingly at conflict and what we do, say, think, feel, sense etc. often seem disparate as though coming from multiple personalities within us. But behind all that we do in our life, there seems to be a central aspiration coming from deep within, from what can be termed as our core. This core is our natural state of being or our inmost presence.

Whenever we connect to this core, to the aspiration or essence that is trying to emerge, we are filled with life. Different aspects of our life get harmonized and our life becomes much more enjoyable. It seems as though we have got a direction to our life, the purpose of our existence. We are in the zone whenever we are able to do this.

Try to articulate your core, your aspiration. You can write it using words, draw it or express it in any other way that you feel comfortable with.

How to I get back if I fall out of the zone?

Firstly, you have to recognize that you have fallen out of the zone. This can be done, for example, by accessing the feelings when you go off-balance. Some people may immediately notice the lack of joy or the lack of connection. Some people may feel uneasy. Use this as the signal to find out you are moving out of your zone.

Once you spot the signal, learn to get back in. Invoke and connect to the central aspiration directly or to your articulation of the same in forms that you are comfortable with. You could do this as many number of times as possible during the day so that you continue to be in the zone!

How do I find out what is my core?

Stay tuned for that.

Photo by Lesly Juarez on Unsplash