Season Imsais – 2

Some more imsais from last week’s concerts:

  • The mami sitting next to me at a concert talks to some kin of hers back home: “Ennadi .. Anandham poyindirukka …. seri seri … apparam vandhu kadhai kettukkaren. Kolangal ku munnadi vandhuruven … seriya … phone-a vekkaren” (For the uninitiated, Anandham and Kolangal are TV serials running on Sun TV)
  • The mama sitting a row ahead of mine remarks after hearing a beautiful behAg alapanai: “Aahaa … ippo alaipAyudE kaNNA vaasippar paaru
  • This one is not an imsai but it is so good that I couldn’t resist posting it here. Nalli Kuppusami Chettiar recollected this during one of the felicitation functions. It seems Sri Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer used to always come before the scheduled time to all the functions he was invited to. It so happened that once Semmangudi mama came 10 minutes late to a function. Nalli Chettiar couldn’t believe his eyes. Upon enquiry, iyerval told that he had to go to a function in Nanganallur before coming there and it had taken him a long time to locate the venue in Nanganallur. The people it seems still couldn’t believe iyerval had landed late to which iyerval remarked: “Ravanan Seethayai kondu Asoka vanathula vechan. Hanumar odane kandu pidichuttar. Avan Seethaiyai Nanganallur la kondu vandundaan na innikki varaikkum Hanumar thedindu iruppar” 🙂

Now for some “photo” imsais:

  • The mama in the snap below is wearing a “monkey cap” to protect himself from cold in an auditorium where the AC (enga oorula cold aa irundha thaan AC) was close to non-existant and where all the other people were sweating like crazy:

Season Imsai - Monkey Cap

  • Some sabhas complain that artists don’t finish on time. No wonder, if they have time displayed this way (poor quality of photo is regretted)

Season Imsai - What’s the time?