Mind as a tool

A couple of years back, we had to fix some issues with the electric wiring in our apartment building. One of the electricians who came had only a tester cum screwdriver with him. He said it is the only tool he needed. He could screw, unscrew, cut, tap and hit with just that one tool.

I met him a few weeks back. This time he was carrying a bag with many tools. When I asked, he said he had changed his opinion. He realized how using different tools helped him be more productive and do a better job. It also helped him get more sophisticated work that brought him more income.

We often end up using either one thing or a small set of things in our own life. For example, we use/overuse a small set of strengths at work without checking what the situation demands. We try to solve radically new challenges using existing skills.

At the being level, the tool many of us end up using a lot is our mind. So much that we identify ourselves with it.

Remember. The mind is just one of the instruments we have. Not the only instrument.

Photo by Anton Dmitriev on Unsplash

Are you your mind?

A coachee was recently lamenting how technology controls humans these days.

One thing to definitely ponder is how our mind controls us. Our thoughts, beliefs, labels, judgments control and use us every day. The more we identify ourselves with our minds, the more this gets reinforced.

Instead, we should use our mind as an instrument for our progress. In the process, worries like technology controlling us may automatically go away.

Photo by Norbert Kundrak on Unsplash