Want all your ISB related questions answered?

In case you are applying for ISB in the coming years and want to have all your questions answered, then do subscribe to the Yahoo Group “isb-pgp@yahoogroups.com“. You have current students, alumni and prospective students all together in one forum there.

If you want to read about the graduation of the Class of 2005 then do click here.

So what am I doing these days ??? Documenting all the stuff that I was doing at office (that is not yet documented), transfering all the work that I was doing to people identified for taking them up etc …. etc…

Members of my group gave me a farewell party today ….. this is supposed to be my last week in office. I was supposed to give them a party but when they saw my financial condition, they themselves volunteered to give me a farewell lunch instead 🙂 . We went to this place called Superstars in Noida’s Atta market and had lot of fun.

I am really sad that I am leaving this place ….. when I joined here about 4 years ago, straight after my bachelors in engineering, I never thought that I would be leaving this place. Joining Motorola’s semiconductor division was a dream come true and I had thought I would retire from here. Then the MBA bug bit my best friend (and he bit me) and here I am on my way to ISB. No salary for the next one year, studies in streams totally unfamiliar to me, heavy loan whose pre-EMIs have to be paid now and EMIs later ….. yeh sab kya ho gaya yaar life mein ???

One thought on “Want all your ISB related questions answered?

  1. Hi Ram,
    Another ISB aspirant here. Your blogs are very interesting in that they give an inside view of the one year at school. Thanks!

    Hmm, me too is worried about my pre and post EMI’s and LIC payments and the loan and stuff. It sure is scary.

    Wish there was an easier way out.

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