The wait is over !!!!!

Feels really good ……. after all the wait, I am finally a part of ISB’s Class of 2006 !!!

Apologies (to anyone reading this blog) – I had promised to update this fairly regularly but its a long time since I wrote anything. I will partly blame this on the fact that I got my laptop only a few days back due to some warranty related issues on IBM’s side.

I started from New Delhi on the 14th of April by AP Express and reached Secunderabad on 15th night. We had called up ISB people from the train itself and asked them to arrange some transport for us from the Secunderabad station to ISB, if possible, as there were around 10-12 of us in the train, some with their families, with loads of luggage and as we all were new to Hyderabad/Secunderabad. We found the ISB admin staff very responsive and they agreed to send one of the ISB Swaraj Mazda vehicles to pick us. The ISB campus is quite far off from the Secunderabad railway station. We reached ISB at around 10:30PM and were given our accomodation details at the entry point itself.

Registration for all people taking pre-terms was scheduled on the 16th. I will come to what pre-terms are in a minute. The registration process was fairly quick and all formalities except for the bank loan agreement got over within 20 minutes. For some it took more time. I am funding my entire course through a bank loan and hence had to do oblige the bank with my autograph on a lot of papers.

Pre-terms started on 18th. Pre-terms are optional and include basics of subjects like Accounting, Quantitative methods and Business Statistics. People can pick and choose what course they want to attend and have to pay the pre-term fee accordingly. I chose to attend Accounting and Business statistics and now regret that I chose to attend stats. The accounting prof (Prof. Mubeen Rafat) was really good. I really enjoyed attending her classes. The stats prof was way too boring and sleep inducing. In my personal opinion, its better to study basic stats yourself even if you have had a previous exposure to it only in your school days and have forgotten everything. I didn’t choose the quant pre-term as I thought I could manage to cover it myself and was also encouraged by prospects of saving some money for other things.

Our seniors are there on campus and they do rock !!!! They are willing to help all the newcomers in their queries. ISB’s PGP program being a one year course, seniors are not there in the campus to guide us through the year but I have heard that the Alumni network is really great and the response time is also really good.

Ever since we have come, there have been a lot of parties. There were two parties – yestarday and the day before that and we had lot of fun. There was music, dance and beer. I don’t drink and hence was content to shake my leg a bit and watch the proceedings from the sidelines. Day before yesterday’s party went till around 3AM. I came back really early from yesterday’s party as I decided to watch the “Catch Me If You Can” DVD that I got issued from the ISB library. I watched ” The Gods Must Be Crazy – II” day before yesterday and really enjoyed the comedy.

We had our orientation sessions yesterday. ISB’s dean (Prof. M.R.Rao), deputy dean (Prof. Ajit Rangnekar), associate dean for the PGP program (Prof.Savita Mahajan) and the Director of Admissions (V.K. Menon) addressed us. Mr. V.K. Menon shared the batch profile and there a lot of people around with absolutely stunning curricular and extra-curricular achievements.

Our batch has been divided into sections and each section further into study groups. There are 6 people in my group, including myself and all are from either IT or engineering background. It would have been really helpful to have at least one Chartered Accountant(CA) as in many of the other groups. CAs and people from finance background are always in great demand as they have already studied a lot of finance/accounting stuff.

Our first term will start from next week onwards and we will have profs from ISB, Wharton & Kellogg teaching us. Going by what seniors say, the faculty who come to teach at ISB are the best in the world and its a real enriching experience learning from them. I am looking forward to it. Its going to get really tough for us from next week onwards with loads of assignments and lots of reading to be done. I have heard that Term 1 is especially very difficult as many people come back to studies after a long time and its really difficult adjusting to the really tight schedule all of a sudden. In fact, many people have taken pre-terms just to get used to sitting in the class for a long time and doing assignments, before the actual slogging begins.

We have this week left to enjoy ourselves. There are many sessions scheduled for us this week also but we still have ample time left for other activities. There will be a “Talent Nite” this weekend. Its a show put up entirely by our class. I am looking forward to contributing something to the music show that some of us are trying to put together.

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