Yet another busy weekend

This is another busy weekend .. an economics assignment, a marketing case study and a lengthy accountancy assignment. Luckily we don’t have to submit the accountancy assignment on Monday.

The GSB president (about whose election I mentioned in the previous mail) got dunked yesterday. I wasn’t there at that time around the pool. Heard that there were around 30-40 guys who either got dunked or voluntarily dunked themselves into the pool along with him.

We also dunked Amit yesterday night …. yes you guessed right !! He is the guy who gets dunked on birthdays of most people in the campus. Yesterday he got dunked on his own birthday, 3 times in my presence just past midnight and then (as heard from other sources) about 5-6 times at 1AM in the morning. We also cut a cake. Will try to post a few photographs if all goes well.

2 thoughts on “Yet another busy weekend

  1. Hey dude how many assignments you are thru with till now..weekend is going to end in another 13 hrs..

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