Last round of classes for Term 1

Last round of classes for Term 1 starts today. At 7PM tomorrow, I would have attended my last class of Term1. Its been over a month since I have been here and time has just flown by.

We have exams on Monday and Tuesday – 2 exams per day. Have a lot to study. Two of the exams are open-book. Open book exams are always really tough and I have heard that having books by one’s side in the exams is not going to help one much. Will get about 4 days off after the exams, till 13th June when Term 2 will start. But I am sure that we will be given lots of reading material for the first round of classes for Term 2 which will consume most of that weekend. Many people here are going back home. I have decided to stay back. One of the reasons is that I am broke and can’t fund my travel ….. also commuting to Delhi by train wouldn’t be feasible as 2-3 days will be wasted in the travel itself.

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