Brain dead ???

Thats what I am now. The only hope is that though brain death is irreversible (as of today), in my case, I may come back to life on Tuesday night after all the exams are over. Exams start tomorrow morning and my preparation is nothing to be proud of. Fellow ISB blogger Bharani had mentioned his confidence levels in each of the subjects. I consider the numbers pretty high. My confidence levels are 0% in marketing management, 20% in economics, 30% in financial accounting and 40% in statistics.

There are people here who haven’t winked or batted their eyelids in ages. There are others who have not slept for more than an hour daily in the past few days. I have been sleeping for at least 6-7 hours every night and that is what has probably resulted in my present condition.

Wish me luck and pray for me …. thats all I can say now. Should be back in original state by Tuesday night and should resume posting then.

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