Term 2 begins

We had our first class of Term 2 today – “Competitive Strategy” by Prof. Aks Zaheer. The first cold call of the session was directed towards yours truly who prefered silence to response. Bad start to Term 2. For the uninitiated, a cold call, in Prof Aks Zaheer’s words, is “a chilling device which helps students prepare beforehand for the material to be discussed in the class”. Unanswered (cold) calls are not liked by Profs and marks can be deducted from the portion allocated to “Class Participation”.

F1 Canadian Grand Prix was shown on the big screen here in my student village yesterday. Kingfisher sposored the screening and also gave away free beers. No wonder there was a sizeable turnout !!!

There are some 70 pages to be read for the economics class tomorrow. I better start reading them now to avoid a repeat of today’s performance.

One thought on “Term 2 begins

  1. chill dude, you froze from stage fright! Most of the answers by others were rambling and made up, I am sure you can do well as long as you don’t freeze again!

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