ISB lifts the Sierra Atlantic Cup

ISB beat BITS (Pilani) in football today to lift the first Sierra Atlantic Cup. Stud had a major contribution in the win …. Stud and soccer are probably inseparable. There was a sizable crowd present to cheer both teams and the din created by the drums could be heard miles away.

We had the first Admissions Information Session for this year today in ISB’s Khemkha Auditorium and had a huge turnout for the event. Close to 1000 candidates registered and when I left the reception area just before the presentation was supposed to start, there were about 600 people who had already checked in. Admissions committee had expected about 400 people to register.

Current students split themselves in batches to give a campus tour to people who came for the session. It was a good experience interacting with the people in the group to which I was assigned. Three of them were from Delhi which brought back memories of home sweet home.

We have this book called “Goal” prescribed as supplementary reading for our operations management course. Though I haven’t read the book yet, I got the chance to watch the movie made on the book and was really impressed by the way they have tried to explain things in a simple, elucidative manner. Haven’t read a single word today … not that this is a rare happening though.

There is a business presentation workshop running for a few batches in our class this weekend. Poor souls have to dress up in formal business attire and attend classes on Saturday & Sunday. This feeling of pity/happiness is short-lived upon realization that the same fate would dawn on me too in one of the coming weekends.

This was probably the only weekend in a long long time involving such less effort from our side on assignments. So its kind of sad that its coming to an end. Let me enjoy whatever little is left of it 🙂

2 thoughts on “ISB lifts the Sierra Atlantic Cup

  1. YOu write really well. Keep this thing going. It is a lot of help to applicants who get to know more about ISB. Your responses in the yahoo group are also appreciated.

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