Leadership at 20000 feet

This was the title of the talk given by Capt. Raghu Raman, CEO, Mahindra Special Services Group. You can see Capt. Raghu Raman’s brief profile here and here. I had heard that this was probably one of the best, most well-received and most inspirational talks of last year and after attending it, I would say that it is probably the best I have listened to, till now @ ISB. Capt. Raghu had served in the Siachen and was trying to take us through what leadership is really all about. After seeing clips and snaps of the situations that the Indian Army faces in Siachen, I would venture to say that most of the decision making problems we face in our lives are nothing in comparison. Will try to post more on this topic soon.

You can write in your appreciation of the efforts of the people posted in Siachen at the following address:

To the Officers and Men of

102 Inf Bde

C/O 56 APO

The semifinals and finals of the ultimate frisbee tournament were held on Friday and Saturday. My section (D) won the semifinals convincingly to stage a fight against Section C. The final ended in a draw (5-5). Couldn’t be there to cheer my section as I was running high fever. Somehow managed to pull myself together for Capt. Raghu Raman’s talk.

Time to sign off and complete as much of the assignments as possible before the effect of Crocin fades away. Its the mid-terms this Friday 😦

9 thoughts on “Leadership at 20000 feet

  1. Would be great if all ye bloggers publish the address Capt Raghu gave out. Readers would be interested in writing in their appreciation of the task our soldiers are doing up there!

  2. Thanks !!!

    I will try to post some excerpts from what Capt Raghu Raman said in one of the posts. Exams are fast approaching, so I may not be able to include much this week.

    The ceiling fan part site/blog is very informative. Hope I can forward it to friends who might be interested.

    If possible, please leave your name or initials while posting. it will be easy for me to relate to whom I am replying to that way.

    Thanks for visiting !!!

  3. FYI .. the address to which you can write to in appreciation of the efforts of our people posted in Siachen is as follows:

    Brig. Om Prakash
    Cdr 102 Inf Bde
    C/0 56 APO.

    This was given to us by Capt. Raghu Raman and he told us that every letter that is sent is read out to the armymen there !!!

  4. Hi,

    This is Raghu. Glad you guys liked the talk. Ram, Thank you for your kind words. Just a small change in the address:

    To the Officers and Men of
    102 Inf Bde
    C/O 56 APO

    Take care folks and hope to see you at ISB sometime soon.

  5. Dear Capt. Raghu,

    I have updated the address on the blog post. Thanks a lot for inspiring us with your talk when we were there at ISB. Hope the future batches continue to benefit from your talks.


    1. Hi Capt. Raghu Ram
      I attended your talk at summer magic camp, a month back. It was eye opening, I felt like the things which we crib for are like an ant compared to which army person might have to face. This was like a completely new perspective, and opened up a whole new set of possibilities for us. Thanks for giving the talk. I wish if all my batchmates at IIT Bombay could get it, we need it.

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