Hey Bhagwan ….. (read title in typical hindi style)

Prof Bhagwan Chowdhary is teaching us the 2nd part of Corporate Finance this term. The first one was taken by Prof. Rangarajan Sundaram. In his first few lines on the subject in the class, Prof. Bhagwan told us that in the total of five classes that we have, the first three will have very very little quant and the last two will then go on to involve much of the calculations. Having said that, he started explaining basic concepts and it was all flowing really smooth. For a moment I even thought of taking finance if all finance profs were supposed to teach this way. Just after some 5 minutes, he launched into a string of numerical calculations that paused in the 5 minute break, intensified post break and culminated with the clock showing end of 2 hours. Now if that was supposed to be “very little quant”, then I wonder what the heavy quant in the last two classes would be like !!! Not that I am averse to quant .. in fact I used to love it when I was young … but now that I have lost a lot of (mental) capabilities at work and become more mature, it kind of really gets difficult to follow things when they are done at a speed above my threshold level at an hour of the day when my brain has already signed off after facing some 6 hours of classes.

Opinion of two of our batchmates along with students from other B-schools regarding necessity of work-ex for doing MBA has come in a lot of the newspapers. A portion of the article I saw in yesterday’s Business Standard is available here.

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