A visit to the city

Went to the city yesterday along with a batchmate of mine who wanted to buy a blazer … went to a place called Paradise which I am told is famous for hyderabadi biryani. Bought a few classical music albums of the singer T.M.Krishna whose music I am mad after these days. Have all his audio releases back home in Delhi which I had to leave back along with my collection of 1500+ cassettes when I came here.

Chilling out since the mid-term exams got over ……. but no independence day for us tomorrow as we have to submit the LDP (Leadership Development Program) assignment, which is a write up of 2500 words, by midnight. We also have to decide on our electives and submit indicative bids by Tuesday. Also to be completed before Tuesday are the applications for projects and for the second installment of the mammoth bank loan I have taken. So many things to be done but it all looks so normal these days. When we had come to this place and the first few assignments rained down on us, time was very tight and we badly felt the need for more time. Have we got habituated to all this stuff? Maybe we have realized that what is required in this one-year roller coaster ride is to hang tight and learn from whatever we are able to observe around us.

One thought on “A visit to the city

  1. Can we please stop calling this a roller coaster? It is time we came up with a new description! – Amit

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