“I LIKE” slips

We had an additional session of LDP today where Prof. Rajeshwar Upadhyay taught us 6 steps which if pursued seriously can lead us to greatness. One of the steps involved writing in slips of paper, what you felt were good qualities in your fellow classmates and giving the slips to them. Here are some that I got in the slips given to me by others ….. every slip starts with something like “I like Ram because” and some go on to say the following:

“sense of humor … amazing duality – silent in class, brat outside”

“he is humorous”

“he is funny”

“too funny”

“silent class participation (CP)”

“calm and quiet nature”

“the serenity with which he sleeps in class”

“you are a really great person to be with, always spreading smiles and happiness around”

“he is always cheerful and can really cheer people up”

“for his ever jovial nature and full of life attitude”

“very helpful guy”

“you are chilled out ….. laid back ….. funny as hell”

“of his exceptional capability to create humor and gel into any gathering”

“sleeping partner from the first term … great guy … always cheerful”

“I like his funniness”

“for his writing skills on his blog and for his sense of humor” (writing skills ???)

“very friendly and has an easy attitude towards life”

“humor, humor , humor again !!”

“cheerful personality”

“very accessible, has a jolly nature”

“real silent performer … has substance & it comes out at rare occasions when he does speak … nice guy”


One thing common to almost all slips was “he is too funny” or “he is too humorous”.

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