3/8th of the road covered

3 out of 8 terms over.

Gave the last two exams of the term today – Corporate Finance (taught by PBC ….. here comes the PBC talk again) and Entrepreneurship. Corp fin paper was multiple choice except for the last question. Lack of opportunity to write much in the exam (we had to just mark the answers) was compensated by the Entrepreneurship paper. It was an open book exam and we had been given a case yesterday evening to study individually. Questions in the exam were based on the case. The exam would be more of a torture for the person correcting our papers than for us coz people here have filled their answer sheets with all that they could find fillable. The TA who would be correcting the papers didn’t miss the opportunity to come to the exam hall and request people to have some pity on him. After getting deeply affected by his senti talk, some people even took additional answer booklets !! Whatever I have written could be written once more within the same one single booklet I used. Wrists and elbows are paining like anything after 3 hours of non-stop writing.

Am off to see the movie “Gandhi“. Have to finish the LDP assignment which is based on the movie by tomorrow midnight (or might be day after .. have to check) utilizing whatever little time I get, with the business presentation workshop happening parallely. I feel that being an engineer gives one the ability to finish assignments whatever/whenever be the deadline. Heard this one a few months ago …… apparently an engineer was given a bulky book to study and asked when he would be able to finish it …. he asked in return “exam kab hai (when is the exam)?”.

3 thoughts on “3/8th of the road covered

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