Celebrating Festivals @ ISB

As written in my previous post, I had the good fortune of attending two pujas on Ganesh Chaturthi day – a Maharashtrian style puja early morning & in the evening and a Andhra style puja in the morning. In the Maharashtrian puja, we had the idol installation in the morning and will be having “aarti” regularly till Sunday when the idol will be finally taken to the lake in the campus for immersion. Missed out on getting the “prasad” post puja as a few of us had to rush to attend the 8:30AM lecture. But got really tasty prasad after the Andhra style puja, thanks to “S” and his wife. Reminded me of the puja back home and the delicious “kolakattai” (tamil word for a sweet dish) which mom would prepare. Another good part about this Ganesh Chaturthi was that Sarovar, for the first time in ages, prepared a good dinner, that too Maharashtrian style. Some of us also had “avani avittam” last month on Rakshabandhan day when we had the “sacred thread (janevu in hindi) ” changing ceremony.

Investment Analysis class just got over and I have become obsessed with this guy. Remember … last term it was PBC. This Prof “Subra” is too good. No one can probably compete with him in teaching at such a fast pace and yet make most of the people understand what he is saying. The real fun is when someone asks him some doubt and he starts off in Hindi. Here are a few things he spoke in class today ……

“arre .. pehle hi ham log confused hain … aap aur confuse kar rahe ho” (after a student asked his query)

“funda saaf ho gaya kya” (after answering a query)

“as munnabhai says …. tension nahi lene ka … exam mein sab ho jaayega” (after doing a long numerical)

“zaraa thande ho lein” (after a long query asked by a student)

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