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Prof Subra (hereafter refered to as PS) of the Investment Analysis fame continues to rock the campus. Heard this today at the breakfast table from my batchmates in another section … can’t vouch for the “facts” though: PS after explaining some doubt to a student: “Arey bhai … tumhare paas 100 crore rupye hain aur usme se tum 20 crore nikaal dete ho .. toh kitne bache … 80 crore naa? Hindi bhi nahi samajhte kya?” Here is what he told to some other person “Are yaar … yeh ek aur namoona aa gaya” … and the funny part is that two non-Hindi speaking people were apparently heard discussing: “Arey ye namoona kya hota hai?” to which the other person replies: “Namoona means example”.

PS continues his teaching @ speed of light and the MO (management of organizations) prof continues teaching @ speed of bullock carts. Bodies start falling all around me as soon as the MO lecture starts ( I mean people start sleeping). The rest who are awake are hooked on to the net or busy playing games on their laptops. People who have forgotten to bring their laptops for the 2:30PM MO lecture keep cursing themselves until they are put to sleep by the sweet words of the prof.

A teacher can change the way you approach a subject, for the good or for the bad. A live example of the first kind is Prof. Mudit Kapoor who took the first five classes of “Government, Business and Society” for us this term. A simple, humble and very friendly person, his approach to teaching a subject probably as dull as MO was appreciated by most students. This is the first time he is teaching this course and I thought he did a fantastic job. He kept most people in the class interested and contributing to the discussions that happened even though there were no marks for class participation in his subject.

Diverting from the usual stories, here is something for the music fans: Biography of veteran music and performing arts critic Subbudu has been released. To read more about the book and about the critic, click here. I had the chance to hear Mr. Subbudu 4-5 times in New Delhi and his speeches were all full of humor.

Music and dance can contain terrorism says President A.P.J. Abdul Kalam. Click here to read more.

In a happy mood as today is the birthday of a very close friend of mine. My best friend’s birthday also falls this month. The pity is that we won’t be able to celebrate it together this time as he has gone off to the US.

And finally, wishing u all a HAPPY ONAM !!!!

4 thoughts on “Subra Times

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