The Bidding Game & The Great ISB Spam

The bidding for Term 5 electives has begun and needs to be completed by noon tomorrow. We have a total of about 4000 points and we are free to allot as much as we want to each of the courses subject to the facts that we do need some points out of the 4000 for the rest of the terms, and we need to hold a minimum number of bidding points as balance to be used in the other terms. There are many other rules as well. We will soon come to know what electives we have been allotted.

Spam mails at ISB sent by students are very common during the day before any exam. A separate spam thread has started today where people are letting their imagination run wild on the topic of bidding. A few days back, just a day before the MO mid-term exams, people let their creative juices flow and what resulted from the spam mails was an awesome poem-like thing. You can read most parts of it at Raghini’s or Vaibhav’s blogs.

Need to decide what to bid on and how much to bid for each of the chosen courses and also need to work on an assignment for tomorrow. So thats it for this time …. ta…. ta…

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