Celebrating Diwali

Wishing all readers of this small blog of mine a HAPPY DIWALI !!!!

This is the first time I am celebrating Diwali away from home. Crackers are burst here in Hyderabad too, but there is no comparison with the atmosphere back home in Delhi where there would be a constant sound of crackers throughout most part of the evening and night. However, I thouroughly enjoyed this Diwali in ISB.

The day started with a visit to two temples. The first one we went to is quite close to ISB and is supposed to have been built some 300 years ago. Here is a snap of the same ….

We then went to another temple which I keep visiting frequently. Snap below ……

My host family in Hyderabad (to know more about what a host family is, please click here) had invited my group to their place for puja and lunch. Went there and had a really good time with S and his family. S and his sister came to ISB to drop us.

Went to an event organized by the Music Club in the evening after coming from the lunch. Highlight of the event was the performance by some really talented kids (children of students studying here). Here are some snaps ….

This was followed by a special dinner prepared by Sarovar. After dinner, we all went to the football field here to see an amazing display of fireworks from a professional pyrotechnic team that had been arranged for the occassion.

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