DB shortlist out

Deutsche Bank (DB) shortlist for students just came in. Know almost everyone on the list. Wishing all of them the very best.

My quaddie “A” also got shortlisted. He is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met in my life. All of us in our quad are really happy for him and sincerely hope he is among the people who ace the interviews tomorrow and make it to DB. He can then sit back, relax and help us out with our preparations šŸ™‚

Meanwhile, assignments continue to torture us. There are so many assignments to be submitted this week that all the time will be just spent in study group meetings and in moving from one meeting to the other. For the first time since coming to ISB, I have slept just 2 hours in 48 hours (Thu & Fri). I usually sleep a minimum of 6-7 hours daily. The only time I stayed awake till late night before this was when we had Markstrat sessions (marketing simulation game) as a part of our core courses. Because of all the assignments, I am not able to devote much time to my project (ELP) since the past week.

The main torture this term is the Logistics and Supply Chain Management course. Though the course is a very interesting one, especially for people with operations background, the fact that I have taken 5 subjects and the project work is making it really hard to devote time. A lot of stuff is covered in one class. To add to the woes, the lectures aren’t of much help as well and there are assignments to be submitted in almost every class. Each of the assignments requires a lot of time commitment.

The consumer behaviour (COBE) course has some assignments that give a good idea as to how things would be done in actual practice. These assignments are very useful in understanding the stuff that is being taught in the class. I sincerely feel the profs/authorities here can scrap the mid-term/end-term exams in many of the elective courses and concentrate on giving such assignments which will help students a lot, especially those who want to pursue a career in fields related to these courses. In my opinion, the final exams, though helpful in testing what students have been taught over the term, do not add much value. They only act as fuel to intensify the rat race for grades.

The one thing I hate the most these days is the importance given to class participation (CP) and the arbit CP that is done just for the sake of getting marks. Will reserve my views on the same for a future post.

8 thoughts on “DB shortlist out

  1. Hey Ram,

    First of all wishing u a very happy new year. i know wat its like to be away fm ur family but hpe u had a gd time. I must say the “diay” n other pics are really pretty.

    Well i dont know if u checked a comment posted on ur web dated 29th oct where an anon. says that ISB isnt really a good place to kick start ur career n the placement records are really fake! im surprised to hear that! didnt see any of ur takes on that there!

    Well, as far as the DB recruitment goes…..havent u applied for it? or even for an internship? (oh btw is it poss to do an internship while at isb?) i would like to know more abt the job profile…..n my gd wishes to all those who;ve applied for it :)tc

    PS: BTW how come there ain’t a date that shows when the comments were posted?

  2. Jasmine,

    Thanks a lot for your wishes. Hope u too had a great Diwali.

    Coming to the anonymous comments … I have deliberately chosen not to respond to such baseless comments. There is a way to ask questions if a person is really interested to know the facts and the comment, I feel, was made in a very irresponsible manner. The person in question had gone on to make such comments in other blogs as well. I know what ISB stands for and why I chose to do the PGP program here and I know how much I am gaining from it. I am really happy that I made the choice to come here.

    Of course, I am open to answering questions to the best of my knowledge … but not open to responding to comments made like that (No hard feelings against whoever made that comment).

    I haven’t applied to DB because I am not into finance and am not looking for a I-banking role.

    There is a program called Experiential Learning Projects (ELP) at ISB where you get to work on a real time project if you opt for the program. This is what would be closest to internship and happens along with the curriculum. So you don’t get to go everyday to the company for which you are doing internship. We however keep interacting regularly with the clients through mail/phone and got a full week off after the 4th term to go to client’s location to meet them and make mid-review presentations.

    The time is not according to IST … I had forgotten to choose IST when I started and realized it after a lot of posts, by which time I was unable to change the settings back to IST without affecting the previous posts. If you know a way out then do let me know. At present, I just change the time/data of the post manually before posting.

    Cheers !!

  3. The number of comments made seem to be getting reflected in the main page. Please let me know if this is not so {don’t know if I can do anything about it though šŸ™‚ }


  4. hi JASMINE,
    this is a well wisher of ram.
    i think he is doing a tremendous job about solving ISB related queries on the yahoo groups.
    why cant we leave his blog as a reflection of his personal life, and his life at ISB.
    i think that would be fair to him.

  5. Ram,

    Thanks for your replies. now once again some anonymous well wisher of urs doesnt like me posting in some comments in here …..dont know wat u think abt it though. let me know (though i know i could ignore his messg)

    if you feel your blog site shld be a “reflection of ur personal life” as he puts it, then im sure its part of your personal life to have comments and share in your personal views. but irrespective if you would like to chat then it be glad to see you on yahoo or msn messenger.

    kindly let me know. oh n gd luck with ur ELP projects šŸ™‚ it sounds quite interesting

  6. ISB is the next to be exposed. Its hugely under debt and the sponsors are sick of bailing it again and again. Their placement stats are a huge fraud as they use averages calculated on multiple offers for the same student. The ROI for students is hugely negative as most students get lousy jobs. Only morons will give up IIM admissions for ISB – in any case the morons deserve ISB! The IIMs are full of students who had ISB offers that they spurned to join IIM. The so called world class faculty at ISB are usually the lousy faculty from B grade US Schools who are looking for a paid holiday in India.

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