Largest healthcare event by any B-school in South Asia

The Healthcare Club, ISB is organizing “Healthcare & Pharma Summit 2005” on November 26, 2005 at the Indian School of Business (ISB) campus in Hyderabad. This one day conference is open to all top & middle level managers from Pharma & biotech, IT analysts, IT consultants, software developers, business School Students, researchers, cross functional managers and professionals connected with the Healthcare & Pharma industry.

People who wish to attend need to register online at ; its FREE.

Check out the above link for more details on the largest healthcare event by any B-school in South Asia.

9 thoughts on “Largest healthcare event by any B-school in South Asia

  1. really amazing how you are able to do so many things at the same time. elp, 5 subjects, blogging, almost instant replies on yahoo group, your music thing, evaluate so many apps for admission ( i think yours must be the record highest in the entire history of this place), participate in campus tours for admission sessions and the list just goes on.

    continue to keep everyone around smiling like you do always and if possible do some cp in class at least once or twice a term. mara jayega bewakuff.

    guess hu?

  2. Abe kaun hai yaar … don’t frighten me by writing all these things …
    As for CP, will try … but habits die hard.

    BTW, can you please give me a clue as to who you are?

  3. Hey Ram,….well now on i guess i’d write hi ram 🙂 bec heyram (yup guessed it right as to how it sounds!) lol

    well the children day pics are really neat!

  4. Thanks Anuj.

    Dr. Harsh from our batch and his team of organizers are a very enthusiastic lot and have worked a lot to make this event possible.

    Hope you like this event.

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