Solstice 2005

“Solstice” is the name of the annual alumni-students meet. Solstice this year was organized from 9th Dec to 11th Dec 2005. Many alums were on campus and we had a lot of gyaan sessions organized by the placement committee and a few clubs to facilitate interaction between students and alums on placement related stuff. There was a cool party on 9th Dec titled “Arabian Nights”. Many people were dressed as Arab sheikhs. There was a rock show by UK based “Bhangra Knights” yesterday night.

A few of us had a chance today to interact with Raja Banerjee, last year’s blogger par excellence and an alum currently working for Cognizant.

The ISB campus always succeeds in impressing visitors big time. My uncle came from Chennai for two days to attend a function at a relative’s place in Hyderabad and stayed with me on campus. He was really impressed with the infrastructure, the ambience and with the food provided here (Well regarding food, though it is hygenic, it really gets monotonous and boring at times). Feel really sad that I couldn’t spend much time with him due to so many activities going on here.

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