(Bio) Diversity (@ ISB)

Visitors outside one of the student villages

One of the many frogs that came out during the rainy season

This one isn’t a twig …. this is a grasshopper

That’s my quaddie KP …. after a couple of drinks

Posted in ISB

Author: Ramkumar R

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

7 thoughts

  1. ROTFL:..I think Ive come back like 3 times to see this pic.It totally cracks me up everytime I see your quaddie..He hasn’t attempted to kill you yet??

  2. I asked KP whether I can post his snap and he said yes. So either he hasn’t seen this blog post yet or he feels that he cannot hold me responsible as he himself kind of gave the go ahead.

    BTW, M – whats your name?

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