The Trip to Ahobilam – Part 2

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We reached “upper Ahobilam” after about driving for 8kms from “lower Ahobilam”. Once you reach this place, you cannot drive any further as the road reaches a dead end and there are only hills to be seen. The guide we had hired for the trip at lower Ahobilam refused to take us upto “ugra sthambam” which is located at the peak of one of the hills. He said he had some problem in his legs and would not be able to make the really tough last stretch to reach that place. Since Murali wanted to go to the top and then come back, another guide was arranged for us.

Here are some snaps taken at the start of the climb upwards:

Temple with the Ugra Narasimhar Sannidhi
Ramki, Rajni & Karthik
I think this is called the Paavanaasini spring. A dip here is supposed to absolve one of all sins committed.
View from the top of the spring

The first shrine we visited while climbing to the top was that of “Varaha Narasimhar”. To reach this, we would have walked about 1 km from the upper ahobilam temple.

After trekking for about a km or so more, we arrived at the “Malola Narasimhar” temple.

From here, after a somewhat difficult climb, we arrived at “Prahalada Padi”. It is said that this is the place where Prahalada had his schooling.
Thats Murali doing the trekking barefoot. Requires lots of guts to do that in a jungle (with all kinds of stones, thorns etc on the way)
View of the place in upper ahobilam from where we started from a place near Prahalada Padi

Prahalada Padi

More in the next post ………..

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4 thoughts on “The Trip to Ahobilam – Part 2

  1. Fantastic dude. This the only reason that I left US and came back to India. Despite all the muck, poverty, corruption, woeful infra etc.. if there is one overwhelming factor that attracts me to India, it is its spiritual culture.

  2. Dear Mr,Karthik,Murali,Rajini:- After reading about yr visit to Ahobilam ,we totally free from the fear of travel toAhobilam.Recently on 30 th msr – 1st Apl 2008 we(Myself,wife,son,father in law and my friend’s daughter )visited Ahobilam and enjoyed the bliss of lord Narasimhar
    Thank you very much for yr informations on site.


  3. Dear Sri Raju,

    Thanks for your comment. Glad to note that you enjoyed your trip and that the information provided here was useful.


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