Birthday celebration of a different kind

It is my batchmate Aditya’s birthday today. The ISB tradition of dunking him in the swimming pool yesterday at midnight could not fulfilled as there was no water in the pool. Did he get spared? Not at all. The celebrations started with my quaddie Vikram preparing two bucket full of liquids to be used to drench him. The ingredients used were anti-dandruff shampoo, detergent powder etc.

A proud Vikram (seen with the mixture he prepared)

Aditya “dunked” in the 1 inch (?) deep mirror pool using Vikram’s preparations

The gang trying to pour whatever is left on KP

This was just the beginning. The next item to be used for the occasion were eggs. Tomato ketchup followed suit. Everytime Aditya cleaned himself up, a new item would be applied on him. This would probably be the first birthday on campus where so many items were used on the birthday boy ……….. and finally, here is a snap of the cake

….. and here is a snap of the birthday boy with cake smeared on his face

3 thoughts on “Birthday celebration of a different kind

  1. Hey Ram, i guess you can change your name from ‘Ram’kumar to ‘Camera’kumar. Blogging the life at ISB, is certainly your speciality. Enjoyed every bit of your blog… keep up the good work and have a great time !!!

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