Life these days is all about attending pre-placement talks (PPTs). One thing I have discovered after attending the talks that have happened till now is that sometimes there is no relation between the image one forms about a company by attending a presentation made by someone from the company and the actual state of affairs existing there or the kind of exciting opportunities the company can offer. For instance, we had a PPT by a firm who most of us here know does good work and treats MBAs well. But the way the PPT was done was not reflective of all of this. The people who represented it said things like “our unique business model is about targeting customers to generate revenues”, “our value proposition is that we either do it or don’t do it”, “our key competitors are everybody and nobody” etc. By and large the other PPTs have gone very well and given a good idea of the roles that companies are looking for.

One of the things that goes with doing an MBA in a school where students come from diverse backgrounds and with prior work experience is that companies do not come for recruitment with fixed roles in mind. One more thing is that the compensation is decided based on so many factors like your past work experience, your negotiation skills etc. At least this is what has come out from the PPTs we have had so far.

Just came back after attending the Wipro PPT and I must say I was really impressed by the way the Wipro team handled it. The team was comprised of all high profile guys (President–Finance Solutions, VP-Supply Chain, VP Operations – WBPO, GM-HR and GM-Enterprise Solutions). They are again looking for roles across Wipro (Wirpo Tech, Wipro Infotech, Wipro BPO and their FMCG business).

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