First few days @ ISB

I was having dinner yesterday night with my quaddie Alok when we suddenly started recounting how we met each other and what transpired on the day we entered the campus. In my case, I remember landing on campus along with some 20-25 other people in a Swaraj Mazda van that ISB had sent to pick us up. The train from Delhi had arrived late and I think it was around 10:30PM when we reached the campus. The security guys at the gate were supposed to let us know what student village we were allotted. When my turn came, I was told that I had already checked in. Don’t remember whether I was surprised or shocked to hear that then. After talking to two more colleagues of theirs, the security staff finally told me that I was supposed to go to student village 2 (SV2).

Upon reaching SV2, I found that the guy at the reception there had already put a tick mark against my name which again meant that I had already checked in. I was wondering what was wrong with these guys. However within a minute or two, the housekeeping staff gave me my room keys and helped me carry my luggage to my apartment. After dumping my stuff, I started checking if someone else had checked in to the apartment. I found one of the rooms open and a guy in pyjama sprawled upside down on the bed in deep sleep. Came to know later that it was KP. No one else had come yet.

After freshening up and changing clothes, Bhatia (my friend from Delhi) and I went on a hunt for food. I was awestruck with the beauty of this place when I came out of the student village. We had food at the cafe (yes, it was open past midnight then), checked our registration schedules, roamed around the campus for sometime, got lost, managed to find our way back (since almost everything is located in around a circle here) and finally hit the bed.

After getting up in the morning, I again went to KP’s room and saw KP still in the same condition, sleeping as though someone had told him that he will never get to sleep once the classes start. I was wondering what to do next when suddenly the apartment door opened and a guy walked in followed by a housekeeping guy who was carrying most of his luggage. He went straight into his room and after sometime came into the living room, searched for the TV remote, settled down on the sofa and switched on the TV. All the guys I had met or seen till now (except of course KP) looked so serious with a determined look on their faces and there was this funny looking chap who comes in and of all the things starts watching TV? He introduced himself as Alok and we started talking about how we managed to land up here.

The last guy to join the quad was Vikram. Only Alok was present in the quad when he came in and he distinctly remembers Vikram coming and knocking like a mad man on each of the doors to find out if anyone was already there.

When I went for registration, the first person behind the counter had the same puzzled look on his face which the security and the housekeeping guys had when I entered the campus. When I asked him what happened, he told me that there was another guy with the same name who had registered a few minutes back. To make matters worse for me, my namesake was placed in the same section as I was when Term 1 started. Since then there has been a battle raging between us as to which one of us is going to change his name. Hope we both don’t get placed in the same company as well 😉

2 thoughts on “First few days @ ISB

  1. Hi,

    It was so nice to hear from you about the ISB Student Village. Actually I have been looking for this piece of information all over the place. Could you kindly tell me, what the probability of a single guy getting a studio apartment is? I am assuming almost 0. Are there separate bathrooms in each of the 4 rooms of the shared apartment?


    1. Not sure about the probability part … varies depending on how many married students live with their families on campus.
      Two people have to share a bathroom in a shared apartment.

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