ISB – Amazing View

Here is a snap of ISB taken from an aircraft by one of my classmates here who is an exchange student ……. real good view of the campus.

and here is the same snap with text indicating what is where ……… click to enlarge

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Author: Ram

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

6 thoughts

  1. Ram:
    Just wanted to say that your blog has been a very good source of information about life at ISB. My people back home seem to have read about most things that happen here and seen snaps from your blog. I have very little left to explain to them everytime I call them up. It is also very easy to explain to my friends about life here by asking them to visit your blog. Carry on the good work.

  2. Hi Ram,

    seems like theres some confusion reg Jasmine 🙂 well i dont know wat it is but watever.
    man i swear those are awesome pics. infact i really really envy u now 4 having those holi pics!!! i wanted to do thesame n send it to my frnds but none of us were in a state to take the pics….lol well nice ones 🙂

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