The Year @ ISB – Part 3

Way 2 go (waise apne desh mein har cheez ke liye line kyun lagta hai yaar?)

Frisbee match in progress

Volleyball !!

Ek aur din nikal gaya

The (lighted) lawns in front of the acad center

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Author: Ram

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

11 thoughts

  1. Hi Ram 🙂

    nice pics….im sure this will be a gd site 4 u to visit once ur outta isb…well infact i am currently reading 5 Pt. Someone – what not to do at IIT this books by Chetan bhagat n i must say its an awesome bk! a must read 4 all u out there 🙂 iguess everyone at somept in time can connect to it…or so i think…coz atleast i very well can. pick it if u get time 🙂

  2. Ram… I referred this book to you sometime back and you said… you were not interested in it…

    What made you change your mind now?????????

  3. Hi Ram,

    seems like many ppl have issues w. me posting a comment on ur site…wonder if i shld continue to do so….

    bec b4 someone created a confusion reg my name n me leaving a comment n this now…n even b4 there have been issues w. some isb’ains who said u’ve given a diff perspective to this blog! n wat not….
    This is FOR ALL U who have ISSUES!
    why be jealous? i jsut dont get it! i was a prospective student n i really liked the way ram has shaped this blog…gives a meaningful insight abt the student life at isb!

  4. Which Karthik is this? I do not remember any Karthik refering this book to me.

    Reg comments …. ppl are free to leave comments … in fact the more the number of favorable comments, the merrier :-). So no issues w.r.t anyone leaving nice comments.

  5. ya i knw the more the merrier…but its just dat it gets on my nerves when some ppl try acting like this! n oh btw in the prev comment it was me….dont know how my name didnt show up~

    now come to think of it even i feel like i shld stick w. the anonymous name…n for all those ppl out there u wont make good alumni’s if u aint willing to share any info on the school or ne perspectives on it..but whatever.

    so ram when are u coming up w. that book or issue or whatever it is u were talking abt like for the do’s and don’t for interviews, and admission criteria for the isb?

  6. M,

    (As I mentioned in the first post of this thread) this is a collection of snaps taken by our batch. The 4th snap has not been taken by me.

    Cheers !!

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