News about Class of 2006 Placements

You can check out the following links for some news about the Class of 2006 placements. A word of caution in case you are planning to apply to b-schools: Though ISB has broken many records w.r.t b-school placements (highest international salary offered etc), please do not judge a b-school just by the highest or the average salary that a batch got. There is lot more to evaluating your fit with a B-School than just this and there are lot more good things about ISB than just this. Here are a few links:

ISB achieves its best ever placement results
Lateral Placements and Career Shifts: Pioneering Concepts by the ISB
Growing Focus on Job Satisfaction
Media Emerges as a Hot Sector

Official Press Release about the Placements

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Author: Ram

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2 thoughts

  1. very detailed info. links….but see like they say wat really helped the students bag these positions were def based on merit but more than that their prior work ex

    now wat if someone w. only one yr or a yr n half max has a work ex..n then joined isb… well have they faired? ne idea? bec i guess wld be really tuff 4 such ppl to bag LEadership role n all …u know….

  2. I know about placement results of some such guys in my batch with lesser experience. Names of four people instantly come to mind and they have managed a very good career shift. One more person I can remember with lesser experience has gone into consulting. Senior roles might be difficult to get in firms in case you have very less experience and more so if you are aiming for a career shift (which I guess is quite understandable).

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