Avani Avittam/Upakarma for year 2006

FYI (for those who plan to do avani avittam/gayatri japam by themselves) ….. here are some good sites I found on the net:

1) http://www.trsiyengar.com/id24.html

2) http://www.ahobilam.com/ (I used this last year)

3) http://www.kandamangalam.com/Avani%20Avittam%20Audio.aspx

4) www.prapatti.com
5) Old Chennai Online site with audio

22 thoughts on “Avani Avittam/Upakarma for year 2006

  1. Do you have a CD for Yajur Upakarma (Avani Avittam) that we can follow every year? If you dont, can you make one so that we can all buy and use it every year?
    Thank you

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