TN Seshagopalan @ Bangalore Gayana Samaja

Vocal: Sri T.N.Seshagopalan (TNS)

Vocal Support: Sri T.N.S. Krishna

Violin: Sri H.K.Venkatram

Mridangam: Sri Umayalapuram K. Sivaraman

Khanjira: Sri N. Amrit

List of songs:

1) vanajAkshi (varnam) – kalyAni – kanda ata – pallavi gOpAla iyer

2) angAraka – surutti – rUpakam – muthuswAmi dIkshitar

3) mANikka vInA (viruttam) – sudha tOdi

mAtanga kanyAm – sudha tOdi – kanda triputa – jayachAmarAja wodeyAr

4) taramu gAdurA – sahAnA – Adi – mysore vAsudEvAchar (?)

5 ) marivErE – shanmugapriyA – Adi – pattanam subramaniya iyer

6) enduku peddala – shankarAbharanam – Adi – thyAgarAja

7) rAma mantrava – jOnpuri – Adi – purandaradAsa

8) shanka chakra (viruttam) – rAgamAlika

thillAnA – hamsAnandi – Adi – harikEsanallUr muthiAh bhAgavathar

9) vachanamiga (thiruppugazh) – behAg – chatustra jampa – arunagirinAthar

10) pavamAna (mangalam) – sowrAshtram – Adi – thyAgarAja

mangala slOkam – srI

Needless to say, TNS performed really well and was ably supported by all accompanying artists, especially by mridangam maestro Sri Umayalapuram K. Sivaraman. If it was tOdi‘s turn to be elaborated at the Odukkathur Mutt a few days back, it was shankarAbharanam‘s turn yesterday. Words cannot describe the way the detailed AlApana of the rAgA was done beautifully by TNS. I also got a chance to hear two kritis “mAtanga kanyAm” and “taramu gAdurA” that I haven’t heard before.

Sri T.N.S. Krishna (TNSK), son of TNS, sang along with him. I am a fan of TNSK too and have a feeling that he will also become famous as one of the greatest singers of carnatic music one day. The first time I listened to him was in New Delhi in a concert organized by Sree Shanmukhananda Sangeetha Sabha about 6-7 years back. I have been hooked to him since then, though its been a while since I saw him perform. I think he was pursuing his PG in management from IIM, Lucknow last year.

Earlier in the day, Sri T.N.Seshagopalan presented an expert session on Harikesanallur Muthiah Bhagavathar, following which Sri Umayalapuram K. Sivaraman hosted a question and answer session on mridangam and laya in general. I will try to post the notes I took during these two sessions soon.

Author: Ram

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

7 thoughts

  1. Thanks Bharath. TNS sang really well. However I felt his concert at Odukkathur Mutt a few days back was even more appealing as most compositions he sang there were slow ones and he sang them soulfully. Tthe tOdi rAga AlapanA he did there was just awesome.

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