Vision 2020

A few weeks back, Pratik, a batchmate of mine from ISB had written about where he thought a few guys from the batch would be 20 years from now. Here is my take on what a few guys would probably end up doing in 2020:

Alok: Owner of a video game shop laid out in a space equivalent to that occupied by a standard ICICI ATM, in one of the galis of Lucknow. One of the consoles there (or maybe the only console there) would be dedicated to Alok and he would be happily spending hours and days and months playing all kinds of (video) games.

Anoop: Still an Univeral consultant, he would be known more for his achievements as the (non-playing?) captain of his gali’s cricket team of 10-year olds in Mumbai.

ATA – Baba ATA: the world famous gay, spiritual guru with followers belonging to all religions in almost all parts of the world. Giks would be his events manager and would assist him in preparing those spiritual PPTs with the NxN matrices made by SK and Ferrari.

Bharani a.k.a Big B: Owner of, the craze among the youth of the country (to create their blogs on and to get career counseling). Big B’s way2top would have got so many hits by then that all the counters in the world would have got tired of counting.

Dood: Professor of English at DSCS i.e. Dood School of Courtship Studies … would be teaching all those teens who didn’t get convent education on how to woo their girl/boyfriends using the power of the English language.

Ferrari & SK: Will own the famous “Pfaffers Den” in Besant Nagar, Chennai famous for its PPTs for B-School students and corporates with the patented “NxN matrices for everything” formula. Ferrari would also own a cycle repair shop in fond memory of the days spent at one of India’s well known motor companies.

Honda Raam (this is not me): would have set up a chain of shops that rents out musical instruments to struggling musicians with the headquarters in Dindigul, Tamil Nadu.

KP would be the well-known producer and no. 1 distributor of z-grade movies. He would also be the no. 1 consumer of Britannia Cheese spreads which Britannia would still be producing in 2020 because of its single customer (but huge) market.

KR would have already retired from his job and would spend his day reading newspapers and watching plays and attending concerts in Mylapore, Chennai.

Rajani (NBT): Celebrated author of the international bestseller – “How to Make Spelling Mistakes while Speaking”. The book would have required about 80 proof-readers to get rid of spelling mistakes in the text.

Ramki: would be the proud owner of a movie hall in Chennai that screens only Priyanka Chopra films and serials (that she would do when she gets older). He would spend most of his time eating popcorn and drooling over Priyanka.

Sallu: Still the universal brother … will get countless number of rakhis tied to his arms and what not on rakshabandhan day…. will be consulted by old aunts and uncles on how to keep their spouses happy and keep their marriages intact.

Talu would be the no. 1 customer of his own liquor shop in Mumbai. He would be meeting his and his shop’s expenses from his daily transactions on the stock market.

Vikram, the “Clickie”: Developing camera rolls in “Clickie Studios” in Adyar, Chennai. Most of his time would be occupied with shooting and delivering passport size snaps of his customers.

Dunkee and I: RJs, cracking and laughing at their own PJs in one of the FM radio stations. This would be the channel most heard by all those people who are frustrated with life and consider (before hearing the program) that there is no worser state to be in than they are currently, just to realize after hearing those PJs that there are two more junkies in the world living in deeper shit than they are. I would also be working part-time as a drummer in a band …. no .. no … not the band that you are thinking of ….. in one of the Asha or Amar Bands of the world that play moojik during the baraat in the north Indian marriages. Dunkee would be the owner of a huge swimming pool where he would dunk himself at midnight almost everyday, that too multiple times, in fond memory of those good old days, or should I say nights, spent in ISB’s swimming pool.

16 thoughts on “Vision 2020

  1. How on earth can you miss out mentioning Asin in your post? And the name of Baarney’s site looks very ******. Looking at the comments above 20 years from now on, Ram will say “Mere paas tabla hai, tere paas kya hai”.
    Here’s my take on where Ram would be 20 years from now:
    He would have become the non-talking president of the talkers club of India and would only talk outside the hall. He wouldn’t have overcome the “talking inside halls phobia” till that time. His day would most probably begin with him opening the laptop and checking mail. The day would also end the same way.

  2. As for Ramki and Asin ….. well … Ramki’s admiration for Priyanka looks permanent and here to stay but not his admiration for Asin …. why … even yesterday Ramki was “jollu uttufying” after seeing Bhumika Chawla πŸ˜‰ Does that make her status equivalent or above Priyanka Chopra’s in Ramki’s eyes?

  3. Oh … and as for the name of Baarney’s site. to avoid any confusions, letters have already been capitalized at the appropriate places.

  4. LOL…nice post!

    Dude, the website name you gave to me is very tricky :)…The first time I read it…I was like “Ahhhhh..” Took me some time to close my mouth…:)

    Ram: He would be receiving Sangeetha Kalanidhi 20 years from now…He would be a revered teacher in Mirudangam. Students will flock to get trained by him. He will also be a great guide for all the ISB Applicants…ISB will institute one more award “ISB – senior leaders award” and honour him with first trophy πŸ™‚

  5. Bharani… “took me some time to close my mouth…” ????

    Your mouth can be closed… it is other person’s mouth which has to be open πŸ™‚

    Figure it out buddy… πŸ˜‰

  6. quoting Bharani again -> “… I was like ‘Ahhhh…’ ”

    Looks like you have already started the website man… It sounds like NBT’s proverbial “Yes Yes Yes” !! πŸ™‚

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