For your viewing pleasure

Here is one of the greatest (?) heroes of Indian cinema, putting to shame all the Supermans, Spidermans, James Bonds and Tom Cruises of the world, just for your viewing pleasure ….. believe me … you don’t need to understand the language (I don’t understand it anyway) to appreciate this stuff. Just follow the links below:

I am sure after watching these two classics you will be more than tempted to try out the other links available there.

6 thoughts on “For your viewing pleasure

  1. Sriram,

    There is a concert today by Vidwan S. Shankar at Devagiri Venkateshwara Temple, BSK II Stage at 6.30 pm. I am not aware of any other concerts happening this weekend. I will update the “Concerts in bangalore” page in case I get any info. Do let me know in case you come to know of any good concerts happening.


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