Captain is back


The wait is over for captain fans. Captain is back with his latest movie “Perarasu”. Was reading about the movie in The Hindu’s Friday review ….. here are some very important points made by the person who wrote the article:

  • About Captain and his sibling in the movie: “One believes in the Law and the other in Justice (which need not always be the same)” … wow …. what a funda ….what a great one !!!! … and here is some more information … “Ambiguities there are — there’s no concrete difference between the twin heroes in body language or action. One tucks in his shirt the other doesn’t, and that’s about it. And stating that the only way to know one from the other is through a confidential mobile phone number is rather ridiculous!!!”
  • “Vijayakant looks comparitively trim and makes a solid impression”
  • “The costume designer has to be complimented for garbing the hero in sober outfits that become a high-ranking police official” …….. no grudges but I think this writer or the person who edited this article needs to at least clear a few GMAT sentence correction tests

7 thoughts on “Captain is back

  1. There’s an obvious difference between believing in law and believing in justice. I honesty feel you are going overboard in your humourous digs at Vijaykanth.

  2. what has happened to ur likes and tastes after u moved to chennai….is this what entertains chennaites??? come back to delhi

  3. Karthik:

    Though I understand the difference, I had never thought about it before reading about Captain’s movie Perarasu. I am indebted to Captain for having made me realize this difference.


  4. Shubhyant:

    Captain’s appeal is universal …… be it Delhi or Chennai, Captain is Captain and will remain so and his fans will always be his fans. I bet you haven’t seen any of his movies. Just try seeing one and then you will realize what you are missing in life 😉


  5. Ustaad Ram:

    You missed the fun today. I heard you were in a class. We all (the folks here) went to this movie today…

    Allocate some time for your friends Ustaad !


  6. SK … you too on wordpress ….. coooool …. but how can you use the word ferrari ? Isn’t that ferrari ganesan’s trademark? Agreed you have put a cross over it but still …..

    BTW, what movie did u guys see?

  7. I take back my words. I think this movie is as lousy as all the regular fares of Vijaykanth. I don’t understand who sees his movies. The plot is contrived, unbelievable and unpalatable. The screenplay is awkward and doesn’t have a continuity. The small theatre in Mayajaal had around 35 people watching the movie on a weekend, most of whom like us came to this movie only because they didn’t get tickets for someother movie.

    I don’t understand where he gets his collections from !!!

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