Casino Royale – Review


Daniel Craig rocks as James Bond in Casino Royale, an old-school adaptation of Ian Fleming’s novel with the same name, that is low on 007 gadgetry and appears more realistic compared to the ones that had Brosnan as Bond. Yup …. I would rate him higher than Brosnan and I think he is here to stay.


The central plot is about an international banker (?) Le Chiffre who plays a high-stakes poker game (though the money at stake seems less by today’s standards) to fund terrorist activities and to account for an investment gone bad due to a terrorist plot foiled by Bond. The game ends in a way similar to the card games in our Bollywood movies and that sets Chiffre off on a mission to recover the money lost. I think its better you see the movie to know what happens after that.

Things I certainly like about this movie are Craig as a more realistically portrayed Bond, lesser use of gadgetry, and a few good action (more of chase) sequences at the beginning that are less video-game-like.

Things that I didn’t enjoy much: presence of a few incidents/things that can happen only in story books (though there are less of this kind in this movie compared to many of its predecessors), low usage of Bond’s Aston Martin, lesser action than is usually seen in Bond movies, Eva Green as the Bond girl (she isn’t bad but then ….) and portions where the movie seems to just slacken a bit.

And finally to cut the long story short: Its good. Just go and see it !!

3 thoughts on “Casino Royale – Review

  1. Daniel Craig doesn’t appear to be half as cheely as the 007 agent should do.Ah, an Aston Martin a secret agent and his gizmos I mean all of them..Good enough reason to watch a Bond movie anytime..

    Thanks for the review.

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