Back on Hosur Road

Came to Bangalore today after more than 2 months. Reached E-City from the airport in record 20 min time instead of the usual 120 min. The notorious Hosur Road looked like one of the empty bylanes of Koramangala. Traffic was conspicuous by its absence.

Missed out on the concert I had been eagerly waiting to hear since a long time now in Chennai featuring two of my favorites – Sri T.M. Krishna and Sri Karaikudi R. Mani. Hope they come together to perform in some other concert soon and hope I am present for the performance.

Feels so bad being away from Chennai just when the Music Season has started in full flow 😦

4 thoughts on “Back on Hosur Road

  1. Hai ram

    when r u back in chennai?

    I did not attend TMK (fearing Sunday crowd) instead I went to Unnikrishnan at Jaya TV and was a really good concert.

    Luckily the theme was ” Tamil Isai” and hence with great courage ( No — Kapi / Karaharapriya) and he sang well yestrday.

    Partial list ( not in order)

    1) MMG – ???
    2) Bahudari – Sadanandathandavam
    3) shanmukapriya – Andavane unnai nambinen
    4) Kambodhi – Main – Thiruvadicharanam
    5) karntaka Devagandhari– ??
    6) sindhubarivi – Swatitirunal song ( in sanskrit??)
    7) Eppovaruvaro – Jonpuri
    8) Karnataka Kapi (acceptable as thukkadas)

    Did not immdtly get those songs. Rk Sriramkumar / Tiruvaru Vaidy / BSP was good in all .

  2. Thanks for the Unni concert song list.

    I should be back in Chennai by Thursday for 2 days and then again out of Chennai for about a week 😦


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