ISB – The Power of Five

ISB is celebrating its fifth anniversary this year. In a very short span of time, it has emerged as one of the finest management institutes in the country and I would say it is well on its way to become one of the finest in the world in due course of time. I think I have spent the best year of my life at ISB. There have been a lot of takeaways for me from my stint as a student there in last year’s batch.

Though what has been achieved by the institution is commendable and might have been dismissed by many as impossible when it was started five years back, there is a lot to be achieved in the coming years. The following summarizes views of eminent personalities about the achievements and the path ahead. The listing is not just because these are the views of eminent people but because I believe that these convey a true picture about the present and about aspirations for the future.


” A great saga of adventure, forward thinking and enterprise …… a fine example of public private partnership …..” Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh

“It is easier to build facilities than to run an institution. People make institutions, and not the other way round. India has created many top class institutions, but we have not been able to sustain it. I hope ISB grows and continues to renew the institution by investing in people …… This happens to be a plant which is beginning to yield excellent results. I sincerely believe that in years to come we will see lot more creativity, lot more spirit of adventure and enterprise and innovative thinking on the part of both the faculty and the studentPrime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh


“You have achieved in five years what INSEAD took 30 years” – Prof. Gabriel Hawawini, Dean of INSEAD


” When the ISB was launched in 2001, we faced a lot of scepticism. We were breaking new ground on almost all fronts. The one year programme, the unique faculty model, the participation of three top business schools who had never before come together to support a new school, the students requiring work experience, lateral placements, the emphasis on research and a lot more. Today, I am happy to say that in hindsight we have been proved to be wise pioneers ………

…….. The ISB combines the wisdom of the ages with the spirit of Modern India. We are entrepreneurial, hard working, and committed to our goal. We are committed to taking India forward to newer levels of achievement – to explore new ideas, to better the best, to carve a new way. We have many challenges ahead, no doubt, but the road is exciting, and it has just begun. I promise you, Honourable Prime Minister, we at the ISB will remain steadfast to our commitments, and will walk with you on this exciting new path for creating Modern IndiaRajat Gupta, Former Managing Director, McKinsey & Company and Chairman, ISB

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