R.K.Srikantan @ Naada Inbam, Chennai

Venue: Raga Sudha Hall, 85/2, Luz Avenue, Mylapore, Chennai

Date: 02 Jan 2007

Organizer: Naada Inbam

Vocal: Sri R.K.Srikantan

Vocal Support: Sri Rudrapatnam Ramakanth

Violin: Sri R.K. Sriramkumar

Mridangam: Umayalpuram Mali

List of songs:

1) sAmI ninnE – srI – Adi – karUr dEvuDu iyer (O)

2) vandE nishamaham – hamsadwani – Adi – mysore vAsudEvAchar (OS)

3) sArasa daLa nayanE – sAramati – Adi – harikEsanallUr muthiAh bhAgavatar (O)

4) samayamidE – kEdAram – rUpakam – paTTaNam subramaNya iyer (AS)

5) sari evvarE – srIranjani – Adi – thyAgarAja (AS)

6) narasimha mAmava – Arabhi – kanDa chApu – swAti tiruNAL (O)

7) ElAvatAram ettukoNTivi – mukhAri – Adi – thyAgarAja (AS)

8 ) sri nArada nAda – kAnaDA – Adi – thyAgarAja (A)

9) rAmA ninnu – shankarAbharaNam – misra chApu – mysore sadAsiva rAo (ANST)

1o) Ishwari rAjEswari – AbhEri – Adi – harikEsanallUr muthiAh bhAgavatar

11) nanda tanaya – yamunAkalyANi – Adi – purandaradAsa (O)

12) mangaLam kOsalEndrAya (slOkam) – madyamAvati

13) pavamAna (mangaLam) – sowrAshTram – Adi – thyAgarAja

(Key: O=raga outline, A=raga alapana, N=neraval, S=kalpana swaram, T=taniavartanam)

Octogenarian Sri R.K. Srikantan blessed all rasikas assembled at Raga Sudha Hall by taking them through a great musical experience. One just had to sit there, enjoy the superb concert and try to learn whatever one could. It is amazing that at 86 (about to turn 87 this month), he has still maintained an amazing voice and is striving to give his best to his rasikas. God seems to have showered his choicest blessings on him.

There were so many beautiful aspects to the concert. The raga alapanas done by the maestro were brilliant. The approach was an unhurried one. Each alapana was a lesson cum demonstration in itself on how one should go about doing an alapana. The choice of kritis was so good. There were many kritis that are hardly heard in the concert scene these days. The sangatis were so beautifully put !! I just completely got immersed in the music. The way he sang the kriti “ElAvatAram” will remain in my mind for a long time to come.

Sri Sashikiran of Carnatica, who according to the organizer Sri SVK was instrumental in arranging the performance, had also arranged for video recording the concert. Hope he releases it soon for the benefit of all the rasikas.

I just pray God to continue to give the maestro the strength to educate and enthrall his rasikas for ages to come.

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