Back at ISB

Wow !!!! Feels great to visit the ISB campus after a long gap. In fact on entering the campus I felt as though I was just living there till about a few days back. Went to almost all the hangout spots. Visited the DVD library where I have spent sufficient part of the time during my year at ISB scouting for movies. Looks like there hasn’t been much addition to the collection since the time my batch left. I couldn’t find much life on campus both yesterday as well as today as people were  mostly either busy attending pre-placement talks or holed up in the student villages.

Here is wishing everyone at ISB and other B-Schools all the best for placements. Just hang in there. Its just a matter of time before you get the job you like. Remember that the job you get just after B-School is not the end of it all. So even if you haven’t for some reason been able to find the (realistic) fit you are seeking immediately after your B-School, you will surely find one in due course of time.

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