The King of Kollywood?

Move over Mithun da. Move over Balayya. Move over Captain Vijaykanth. Make way for one of the greatest stars of World Cinema. He is none other than our very own “Veerasamy” T. Rajender. Ages back when heroes were still learning how to fight, our man was delivering some awesome throat punches and hard-hitting dialogues that would make villians pee in their pants. Don’t believe this? Read this dialogue for instance: “Machi aalu paatha erumbu aattum thaan iruppen, adichaa irumbu aattum irukkum (roughly translated in Hindi: Aadmi dekhne mein toh cheenti ki tarah lagta hoon par jab maarta hoon toh lohe ki tarah lagta hai)”.ย  Or for an even better experience of his magic, take a look at this cult clip

The dance symbolizing the victory of good over evil, the punches, the dialogues …. all are classic stuff that will be watched for a long time by heroes of the present and the future in the hope that they might be able to pick up a trick or two.

He has given so much to the industry, the sum total of which is beyond our comprehension. For instance, he gave Kollywood one of the most graceful heroines ever in the form of Mumtaz and he is once again trying to resurrect her from the downturn by giving her a chance to act with him in his latest movie Veerasamy.

Watching a TR movie is not entertainment; its an experience in itself. Can’t wait to watch him recreate his magic in Veerasamy !!

Here are some snaps of our superhero for your viewing pleasure:


ย The complete man (Raymonds) – received this from an ardent fan of his through email today

ย tr230.jpg

Who said only Mallya’s staff can dress (in red) to kill ๐Ÿ˜‰

ย tr1.jpg

Tha damsel is thanking her stars and wondering how fortunate she is !!!

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