The Return of Michael Dell

Just a few days back I had written a post regarding an article on “Where Dell went wrong”. Founder Michael Dell has returned back, taken over the reins of the company and jumped into action rightaway. Wharton Professor Peter Cappelli speaks on Dell’s return here. Apparently the first thing that Dell has started doing is sell rival Sony’s flat panel televisions on its website.

Jayan: I don’t think this is good news for you …. the last line might give you some new lines of business to think about though  😉

3 thoughts on “The Return of Michael Dell

  1. Ram, I can see the push to make me respond (!). My response will be good enough for another full page blog. All I would like to say is this was predictable and inevitable.

    On the TV front, I would still prefer to go to Viveks, Pai or VGP and have a feel before deciding on the brand. Not sure if they can pull it off with a direct model?

  2. Amit …. are you Amit Sharma of SV3? If yes, where the hell have you been …. you surfaced just when I thought you had vanished from the face of this planet. It is so great to hear from you again.

    You are correct about their inability to retain Vineeth. In fact it was “the major mistake” they committed. But then ek myaan mein do talwaar toh reh nahi sakte naa? Wot say? 😉 Ek ko hi toh rakh sakte hain.

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