Tribute to SVK

I was shocked to hear about the passing away of music promoter Sri S.V. Krishnan (SVK) today. He appeared hale and hearty just day before yesterday at a concert by Vid. Amritha Murali. Though I neither knew him personally nor have ever spoken to him, I will always remember him for having constructed Raga Sudha Hall, probably the best auditorium/hall in Chennai to hear concerts in. He was famous for his speeches after the main song in concerts organized by him under the banner of “Naada Inbam” at Raga Sudha Hall. His speeches almost always used to start with the word ‘sabhayOrgaLE’. He also used to walk around the hall when a concert was in progress to check if the sound levels are fine everywhere. May his soul rest in peace.

Author: Ramkumar R

Leadership Coach. Musician. Educator.

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  1. I have no words to express my grief.

    I had a brief dialogue with him on the last day i.e. 14th instant where he was mentioning about number young artists in the fray. (That day’s concert by yet another young twins – AArthi and Archana – said to be great grand daughter of Sri Harikesanallur Muthaiah Bhagavathar)

    But for Shri SVK, many upcoming and lime-light artists would not have been able to achieve their heights.

    In a year 200 to 230 concerts he organises under his banner, mind you ALL ARE WELCOME concerts!! For other sabas only one or maximum two months in a year are music season, but needless to say, for NAADA INBUM 12 months used to be the season.

    He was one of a very very few sabha convenors who knew very well about the music and traditional values!!

    Irrepairable loss to music fraternity. It is next to impossible to fill the void created by SVK mama.

  2. Hello,
    I too thought so initially.But,at one Kutcher by Shri TN Krishnan,he welcomed the Ragsudha Hall SV Krishnan by calling him SVK and the very next day, a review appeared by SVK in the Hindu.Wonder whether they are same or different.

  3. I agree in toto with my friend Mahadevan’s view on SVK mama. It is hard to believe that is he is no more.It is still running in my mind, his walking in the hall , taking opinions from listeners when a concert is on etcc.

    Carnatic Music in particular has lost a promoter of the music with out fear , favour , prejudice and more so with out many sponsors. He has lived for carnatic music and St.Tyagaraja , Dikhsithar and Syama sastri should rest him in peace for the services he has rendered.

    I have nt interacted with him , but he may have noticed me during the concerts. It will be a great loss for upcoming artistes as he ws continuously providing platform and also providing valuable guidances.

    May god give the strength to bear this loss to the family and carnatic listeners like us. May some one from the family continue the legacy of SVK mama.

  4. Dear Sri Mahadevan & Sri Sriram,

    Agree with you completely. Its a great loss, especially to youngsters trying to come up in the field, many of whom I think found a great supporter and promoter in him. As said by Sri Sriram, it is very important that someone continues his legacy.

  5. As Mahadevan pointed out, every day was a music season at raga sudha. If there was no reason, he would invent some reason and have concerts as frequently as he could and even during Ticketed concerts, he was the only man who let students of music, enter without a ticket, for he believed that, this way they could learn something. There were many occasions when he would walk upto me and ask, ‘yellam seriya’ with just hand jesters. On most occasions, he would remind of some really good and interesting music concert that was to come up and tell me not to miss it at all.

  6. I am indeed shocked over the demise of Shri. S.V. Krishnan – popularly known as SVK. I had been a great fan of him. We had the pleasure of inviting him as chief guest for our Kalpakkam Sangeeth Sabha’s annual celeberation last year. Being an young organiser of music concerts, I used to get Shri. SVK’s advice and suggestions in organising concerts. In fact, I used to get young talented musicians addresses from him only for our programmes. It has been my dream to construct a home like that of SVK at Mylapore…. If it materialises I will name the music sabha at the ground floor as “SVK Hall” – this is the only way I can pay my homage to SVK mama. May his soul rest in peace.

    Kalpakkam, Tamilnadu

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