Office humor

At work, almost all the guys who sit around me have got speaker phones on their desks (not that I don’t have one). So when the clock strikes 9 (AM), the entire floor is like a vegetable market with so many conference calls going on in parallel. Lot of people have no regards for poor souls sitting around. In the middle of this, there are people who do personal conversations also on speaker phone. So there is this guy who is trying to buy a car for quite some days now …. the entire floor must be knowing that what kind of a car he wants to buy, who all he has spoken to, what all rates he has been offered etc etc. So this gentleman (Mr. Loudspeaker) was in discussion with a dealer or someone the other day. Here is an excerpt:

Mr. Loudspeaker: Can you send me an email with all the information I wanted?

Dealer: Yes sir. Can you please tell me your email ID?

Mr. Loudspeaker: Well … its (he spells everything out)

Dealer: Sorry .. what

Mr. Loudspeaker: Its

Dealer: Sorry … what

Mr. Loudspeaker: gmail ….. gmail …. g as in gmail … g for gmail ….



Here is another situation …. I am in a call with one of our sales managers based out of the US … let me call him Mr. Sales:

Mr. Sales: So Ram … you said you are in India …. are based out of Bangalore?

Ram: No .. I am based out of Chennai

When the next participant joins the call, Mr. Sales announces: “This is Mr. Sales and we have Ram from China



Here are a few Careerbuilder clips for your viewing pleasure …… don’t you dare draw any parallels to my case after seeing these.

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