Funny article on placements at a B-School

At this time of the year when articles on B-School placements generate significant interest,  this one really takes the cake … got this link from a friend ….. the guy who wrote this has screwed up the names of the companies like anything (Click to read the article). Here is an excerpt for your reading (dis)pleasure:

“This year several renowned companies visited here to offer placements to the students; some of them are Macancy, Assenger business consultant, KPMG, Stern Stewart and company, Deloty consultancy, Aptiva consulting, Price waterhouse Coopers, Sap labs banking and financial services, Lehmen brothers, Goldman Saches, Duche bank, Ocvin financial, Bank of America, HSBC, City group, Standard Chartered and JP Morgan etc. Whereas in marketing field include Alghamin Industries, Colgate Palmolive, Asian Paints, ITC, Reliance, Dabur Astro meset etc.

Some IT companies include Oracle, Cap Gemini, Hand strong, Cognijent, IBM, Kotek Mahindra and Kevonsis etc.”

3 thoughts on “Funny article on placements at a B-School

  1. At times , it’s better to be known with an acronym. Luckily, he didn’t expand the names.. I pity my friends in Covansys, that to me is the most mis-spelled name in this ( I’m guessing it is for Covansys).

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