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Its been ages since I saw last a good Bollywood movie. I went to “Cheeni Kum” with very low expectations as the movie had a bold story line and as it came after Nishabd which was such a @#@$#$ ….. … well …. lets move on to better things in life. I think Cheeni Kum’s director and his team have done a wonderful job, considering the difficulties in making a meaningful movie using such a story line.

The story in short: 64 year old Budhadev Gupta (Amitabh) is the owner, in his own words, of “London’s finest Indian restaurant” Spice6. 34 year old Nina Verma (Tabu) is a software professional from India. Budha’s pride is challenged when Nina returns a dish in his restaurant. Budha challenges her, comments on her lack of taste but later discovers that it is his staff that has erred. Budha’s desire to say sorry and his subsequent meetings with Nina sparks off the romance between them. Watch the movie for more.

Amitabh and Tabu have portrayed their characters very well. Tabu looks fabulous !!!!! I can’t imagine any one else fitting the role better. Special mention must be made of the kid Swini Khara. She plays Amitabh’s 9 year old neighbour and close confidante. The role looks tailor made for her and she seems to have made the most of what was offered to her. What a brilliant performance !! Zohra Sehgal, who plays Amitabh’s WWE-obsessed mother, has also acted well. Humor is sprinkled all throughout the movie with all characters, especially Amitabh’s kitchen staff, contributing to it.

The music is good. Ilayaraja scores with modernized versions of his old tracks and shows he is still a force to reckon with. Shreya Ghoshal’s voice adds all the cheeni that is required.

I would be doing a grave injustice if I didn’t mention about the camera work. What a fine job by PC Sreeram. Just too good !!

The second half seems to slacken a bit, especially with Paresh Rawal, who plays the role of Nina’s dad, hell bent on streching a one dayer to a five day test match. Otherwise, the movie has been made very well.

Cheeni kum hai, par mithas barkaraar hai. Jaao, chak lo !!!!

PS: I watched the movie in Sathyam Cinemas’ 6 Degrees and I must say that the comfortable seats and the well maintained theater contributed a lot towards the nice experience. Hope they maintain such high standards in the future too.







































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