Baarish ki pehli boonden

Saying it rained in Chennai is like saying Federer beat Nadal on clay. It is so rare that it gives a lot of happiness whenever it happens.

It must have been about half past four in the morning (don’t ask me what I was doing at that unearthly hour). There was a strange calm all around when all of a sudden I thought I heard the sound of water droplets falling. When I rushed to the balcony, the first drops of rain falling there greeted me. What an experience !! The smell of rain …. the lovely cool breeze ….. silence all around except for the sound of rain droplets striking the ground … heavenly. Just felt like hearing Dr. N. Rajam playing “Miya ki Malhar” sitting there in the balcony watching the rain drops fall. One look at people sleeping at home made me drop the idea, lest I get excommunicated.

7.00AM – I started from home for office. The road outside my place had turned into a lake and it took me about 5 minutes to get across it. There was chaos all around. The music had changed from Dr. N. Rajam playing “Miya ki Malhar” to Anu Malik crying “Dekho Baarish Ho Rahi Hai … it’s raining … it’s raining .. it’s raining“.

7 thoughts on “Baarish ki pehli boonden

  1. Hello Ram,
    Very true! Even a little rain becomes torrential in our place. And by any chance,did you sing or hear Amrutavarshini yesterday?!

  2. I understand! Considering the number of Kutcheris being held nowadays,Amruthavarshini must be sung enough number of times to bring us sufficient rain!But,alas that doesn’t seem to be the case!
    Today,TTD seems very tempting!But,the T Nagar crowd.Today,morning I had to cross Nandanam signal and was held up for nearly half an hour there!I’ll try to make it!

  3. They are already gone Ahiri 😦 But I will make sure I don’t miss out when they come next time too. They are such a rare thing in Chennai.

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