There was this article on Rediff yesterday titled Bangalore: The rising divorce rate in the IT sector” that talked about the divorce cases belonging to those from the IT sector being on the rise and being a significant contributor to the overall number. However what was actually much more scary was the following statement in the article: “Viewing the computer for long hours has proven to cause impotency.

Shocked? Time to hit Ctrl+Alt+Del and check if you can get some anti-impotency screens like those anti-glare ones. Don’t ask what stuff when viewed on the computer leads to this 😉 . Do not also ask whether viewing the computer when it is switched off also leads to the same fate.

14 thoughts on “Scary

  1. Have read this somewhere earlier 🙂 But the last question, well, only you can ask such questions! It has ‘Ram’ written all over it 😉

  2. I think the whole think is scary. forget the other funny or silly questions you have posed. treat this as an alarm atleast for the divorce rate thing. even if u r not married now, you might be married oneday. think of this as something for that phase in your life.

  3. @Sathej: “My name total damage”

    @Boshu: Of course the whole thing is scary but even people outside the IT sector look at computers. Viewing computers leading to what they have mentioned just looks too far fetched.

    @Karthik: Indha comment unakke too much-aa theriyala? Looks like people won’t let anyone post such useful stuff connected with public welfare 😉

  4. Okay! I get the point you were trying to make.
    I was looking at it from a very different perspective altogether. from a very serious point of view.

  5. I think there is ‘causal ambiguity'(MBA jargon)…It is not essentially IT that is causing the problem. It has got to do with the way we do things in our generation !

  6. switch off pc and jus look who is behind you[sos]….
    may be u’ll get activated.. 🙂

    also have murungai[drum stick] as screen saver….!

  7. @deepak.
    I agree with you and I think that is what is scary. and yes it is not just IT.Sometimes I feel the way we are doing things in this generation is scary, crazy(at times) and wonder how we can work safely as exceptions at least. I really am not adressing the latter half here. I am adressing the formeri.e the diviorce part. read the Bangalore supplements and you can get a very good dose of how infidelity, adultery, divorce etc has increased. definitely the media hype is there. but it cannot be ignored because we are seeing all of this existing at some level if not to the extent to which it is said to exist.
    sorry if your comment section loks like a discussion forum

  8. It’s OK.

    Problems always come with their own solutions, and, if it happens, you need look no further than the spam in your inboxes for the answer!!!!

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